Frequently Asked Questions – For Teams

On behalf of the organizing committee, thank you for your interest in Paideia Cup XIV, our tournament’s 14th year!  High school boys’ and girls’ teams from across the country look forward to competing for the Paideia Cup – a symbol representing the best in youth Ultimate spirit and competition. More important, we have the opportunity to create another exciting and fun event.  As you consider submitting a bid, we hope we can answer any questions you may have.


When is the Paideia Cup?

Paideia Cup XIV will take place on April 27-28, 2019 at LakePoint Sports Community in Emerson, GA, approximately 45 minutes north of Atlanta.


How does our team submit a bid?

In order to submit an application for Paideia Cup XIV, you will need to submit both an application form and your $450 bid fee by November 12, 2018. We will announce bids on November 19, 2018. If your team does not get a slot, we will return your check. Please check back in late September for more information and to submit a bid.

Thank you for your interest in the Paideia Cup!



How much will the tournament cost?

The bid fee for the Paideia Cup is $450 per team.


Where is the Paideia Cup located? LakePoint

Tournament Fields:
LakePoint Sports Complex
163 LakePoint Parkway, Emerson, GA 30121

Paideia Cup XIV will be held at LakePoint Sporting Community in Emerson, Georgia, approximately 45 minutes north of downtown Atlanta and 50 minutes from the Atlanta airport.

Due to a packed end-of-semester schedule at Paideia and at Python Park, and the weather certainty of turf, we are pleased to be hosting the Paideia Cup again at LakePoint.

Directions to LakePoint:  LakePoint is located directly off exit 283 on I-75. Coming north on I-75, take exit 283 and make a left. Immediately after the Love’s, take a left onto LakePoint Parkway. The South Turf Fields are located immediately after the first intersection at Stars Way, on the left.
163 LakePoint Parkway, Emerson, GA 30121

All-Team Tournament Dinner
Dinner, a favorite part of the Paideia Cup, is included in the tournament bid fee, and will be held at or in the near vicinity of LakePoint for all players, chaperones and coaches from 5:30-8:00 p.m.





Will there be food at the tournament? LakePoint

Of course!

At the Tournament:
—The Tournament will provide field food for players at headquarters (bagels, rice cakes, peanut butter, nutella, fruit).  Stop on by and grab what you need.
—All players, designated team chaperones and coaches are invited to the Tournament Dinner Saturday after play has finished from 5:00-7:00 p.m.   The Dinner is covered by the team fees.  Other fans can stay and socialize and would be handed a plate if there is extra food remaining.  Otherwise, fans can make plans to have dinner at one of the wonderful local eateries in Acworth or Cartersville.  Our healthy tournament dinner will provide vegetarian and gluten free options.
Concessions throughout Saturday and Sunday will be offered by LakePoint’s concessionaire and will include options such as yogurt parfaits, salads and wraps, hummus plates, pizza, chicken tenders, beverages (Coke products) and sport performance snacks and drinks.  The concessionaire is relaxing its “no outside food and drink” policy to allow PiCup teams to bring in one food cooler per team.  LakePoint kindly asks that the cooler contain sports performance snacks and NOT items meant to compete with their lunch offerings.   In other words, unless you absolutely have to, please don’t plan to make sandwiches on Field 3 during your bye when they are trying to sell sandwiches at concessions.  We told them we would ask our teams to try to cooperate.  This also means they hope you do not haul in cases of Powerade from Walmart . . ..  They offer to prepare a 5 gallon powerade cooler for $25 for your team instead.  Absolutely, players may bring in the individual performance snacks and beverages they need.  Fans may bring in personal food items as well.

Teams may wish to preorder $8 combo lunches!  Lunches will be delivered to teams on the fields at the requested time and place.
Teams must place orders on Wednesday, April 13!!

–$8 Combo Option 1:  Chick-fil-A Box Meal, Includes Sandwich, Cookie, Chips, Dasani Water ($8.50 with Powerade instead of water)
–$8 Combo Option 2: Turkey Sub Meal, Includes Sub, Chips, Cookie, Dasani Water ($8.50 with Powerade instead of water)
–$8 Combo Option 3: Caesar Wrap Meal, Includes Wrap, Chips, Cookie, Dasani Water ($8.50 with Powerade instead of water)

–5 Gallon Blue Powerade Coolers are also available for $25.  That is equivalent to 32 20oz Powerades at $.80/each.

For Team Ordering, contact  Payment will be collected at LakePoint.

tournament dinner
Beyond the Tournament at the LakePoint Complex: There is no shortage of restaurants and coffee shops in nearby Acworth and Cartersville.  Players will have several options for pizza delivery or grocery store visits for their “second dinner” Saturday night.  If arriving late on Friday, consider ordering in advance a late pizza delivery from an online source . . ..  You know what to do . . ..



Will there be gear available?

You bet!

In fact, Spin Ultimate, an ultimate merchandiser located just down the road a piece, is again the merchandise sponsor for this year’s Paideia Cup.  A wide selection of fine Spin Ultimate gear will be available for purchase at the merchandise tent, including the limited edition Paideia Cup XIV official tournament disc and other custom merchandise.

Thanks, Spin, for being a sponsor!  Spin also offers a free quote and art mock up for your team’s jersey order this season!!  Give them a shout at!!


I am a captain. How do I find out about the format and other rules for the tournament?

A Coaches’ and Players’ packet as well as the tournament format will be posted on this web site the week before the Tournament.  You should be very familiar with the packet and you should make sure your coaches and teammates are as well.  A Captains’ Meeting will be called on Saturday morning to go over this packet and address any last minute questions you may have.  Lead the way and set the tone for your team!

The Rules of Ultimate, 11th Edition, are here.

All teams MUST be accompanied at all times by at least two adults over the age of 25.   We expect all players and team personnel, if a team is accepted, to be familiar with the tournament particulars and player packet.



Is Paideia Cup USAU Sanctioned? Do we need to sign waivers?

The Paideia Cup is not USAU sanctioned, yet we wholeheartedly encourage all players, coaches and family members to be members of and support USA Ultimate, ultimate’s governing body.

We are, however, asking that teams send to by March 23, if possible,
–a roster with jersey numbers (any format works)
–a photo of your team
–a brief “bio” or description of your team.