Frequently Asked Questions – For Fans


When is the Paideia Cup?

Paideia Cup XIII will take place on May 12-13, 2018 at Python Park, Paideia School’s home fields at 1201 Clarendon Ave., Avondale Estates, Georgia.  Local teams involved in the Cup may play exhibition games on Thursday or Friday before the tournament.


Where is the tournament located?

Paideia Cup XIII will be held at Paideia’s Python Park at 1201 Clarendon Ave., Avondale Estates, in the metropolitan Atlanta area.

What is the tentative tournament schedule, for travel planning?

The tournament will be a round robin format with full length games and two hour rounds. Finals in each division will take place Sunday at approximately 1:00. Each team will have five-six games over the course of the weekend.

Teams should not plan to depart for the Atlanta airport any earlier than 4:00 p.m. on Sunday, May 13.  This means return flights should be booked no earlier than 7:30 p.m. out of Atlanta Sunday evening.

Will there again be a home game for the Atlanta Hustle on Sunday after PiCup?  It’s so much fun!!  We hope so.  Stay tuned . . .


Where will our team stay? Where should fans stay?

Teams are invited to stay in Paideia host family homes, often the venue for good memories for your team as well as for Paideia’s host families. We also know travel can be expensive and staying in host family housing (even on someone’s carpeted floor) can make the trip possible.  For those teams staying in family homes, showers will be available at the school after dinner on Saturday at prearranged times.  If this arrangement for taking showers might be problematic for your team, staying in a hotel might be the way to go.  More information below.


Host housing is offered for two nights and for players plus two coaches/chaperones only.   Host families usually cannot accommodate more than about 22 people, so if your team is larger, let’s talk, and we’ll see what we can do (  It might be necessary for us to split your team between two host family homes. Friends and family accompanying the team must plan on staying elsewhere. Make sure you indicate on your bid application if you will need team housing. Host family homes are usually located within 7 miles of the fields and the school.

Showers for teams staying with host families will be available at the school’s locker room facilities on campus on Saturday evening from 6:30-9:30 p.m. after dinner.  Please remember to bring a towel from home AND to bring your towel and change of clothing to the fields Saturday morning as your team will likely shower before returning to your home-away-from-home Saturday evening.  Teams can come to HQ on Saturday to pick up a shower schedule.  Showers will not be available at the school on Sunday after play because there is an event on campus posing a space conflict.  Showers for teams staying in family homes are located on our campus at 1509 Ponce de Leon Ave., Atlanta  30307.


Every year several teams choose to stay at local hotels.  To get your bearings and plot your points, our fields are located at 1201 Clarendon Ave., Avondale Estates, 30002, approximately 20 minutes SE of our campus.

Links to area hotels teams might consider  (please do your own checking of reviews online):

Holiday Inn Express Decatur

TownePlace Suites Atlanta Northlake

Courtyard Decatur/Emory

Emory Conference Center Hotel

University Inn at Emory

Hampton Inn at Northlake

Obviously, Atlanta and Decatur have a selection of B&Bs and other rental properties for fans, as well.



Will there be food at the tournament?

Yes!!  Delicious and healthy food will be available right at Python Park!

Lunches:  11:30 am-2:30 pm Saturday, and 11 am-2 pm on Sunday, gluten-free and vegetarian options available. Cash & credit cards ($5 minimum for all credit sales).

On Saturday, May 12, Yumbii (“Atlanta’s First and Finest Food Truck”) will offer an authentic, gourmet fusion of Asian and Mexican flavors with a street food twist!  Five-Time Best Atlanta Food Truck winner!  Yumbii on the Web

On Sunday, May 13, the Good Food Truck will be serving up delicious savory waffle cones, light bites, salads and more. Consistently voted one of the best food trucks in Atlanta!

Water:  Ultimate is a thirsty sport.  Atlanta can be hot in May.  Bottled water will be available to purchase all day at the concession stand and the food trucks.   Coolers will also be available all day for complimentary water refills, and of course players will be able to refill their water bottles on the fields or at any of the other coolers on site.

Gourmet Popsicles!  King of Pops, an ecologically responsible gourmet popsicle company now locally famous for its happy little rainbow-umbrella’d carts, will be on site all weekend (or until the last pop is sold).  Check out their amazing flavors!

Snacks & Drinks: The Paideia concession stand will be open throughout the tournament, offering coffee, breakfast items, fruit, granola & energy bars, bottled water and Powerade.

Dinner for Players & Coaches: Catered by Avalon, served around 5:45 pm on Saturday, free of charge for tournament athletes & coaches. Grilled chicken, black beans, rice, salad, etc.

Dinner for Parents & Fans: Y’all, this is ATLANTA, and boy, have we got food for you!  Search the web for amazing local restaurants near your hotel, or near Python Park and Paideia.  Neighborhood keywords Decatur, Avondale Estates, Candler Park, Oakhurst, Kirkwood, Edgewood, Emory Village, Virginia Highland, Inman Park.  You can’t go wrong.

Will there be gear available?

You bet!

In fact, Spin Ultimate, an ultimate merchandiser located just down the road a piece, is again the merchandise sponsor for this year’s Paideia Cup.  A wide selection of fine Spin Ultimate gear will be available for purchase at the merchandise tent, including the limited edition Paideia Cup XIII official tournament disc and other custom merchandise.

Thanks, Spin, for being a sponsor!  Spin also offers a free quote and art mock up for your team’s jersey order this season!!  Give them a shout at!!


What else can you tell me about the Paideia Cup?

Health and First Aid
Our goal is to create a tournament of high caliber competition, maximum fun and support for the spirit of the game. Towards this end, the health and safety of the players is of paramount concern. Throughout the tournament we will have trained first aid personnel and a trainer available to all players in case of injury or accident. In case of emergency, the tournament will contact your coach who will be responsible for informing all appropriate people.  In case of emergency, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta / Egleston Pediatric Hospital on Emory’s campus is less than 5 miles from the fields.

The Paideia Cup Goes Green!
In 2018 the Paideia Cup will again be a “green,” low-waste event.  There will be multiple stations for waste, and receptacles for composting, recycling and landfill at each station.  Please do your part by making deliberate use of the recycling and food scrap bins at the tournament.  We also urge everyone, players and fans, to bring and use a refillable water bottle. Thank you!

**It’s All About The Spirit Of The Game**
The Paideia Cup was founded on and is dedicated to the spirit of the game. We expect every participant (player, coach and fan) to honor the game through their conduct both on and off the field. The Paideia Cup is a great vehicle for attracting new players, new parents and new people to the sport. You can help do your part by remembering that through your conduct you represent everyone in Ultimate.
Honor the game.