What else can you tell me about the Paideia Cup?

Health and First Aid
Our goal is to create a tournament of high caliber competition, maximum fun and support for the spirit of the game. Towards this end, the health and safety of the players is of paramount concern. Throughout the tournament we will have trained first aid personnel and a trainer available to all players in case of injury or accident. In case of emergency, the tournament will contact your coach who will be responsible for informing all appropriate people.  In case of emergency, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta / Egleston Pediatric Hospital on Emory’s campus is less than 5 miles from the fields.

The Paideia Cup Goes Green!
In 2018 the Paideia Cup will again be a “green,” low-waste event.  There will be multiple stations for waste, and receptacles for composting, recycling and landfill at each station.  Please do your part by making deliberate use of the recycling and food scrap bins at the tournament.  We also urge everyone, players and fans, to bring and use a refillable water bottle. Thank you!

**It’s All About The Spirit Of The Game**
The Paideia Cup was founded on and is dedicated to the spirit of the game. We expect every participant (player, coach and fan) to honor the game through their conduct both on and off the field. The Paideia Cup is a great vehicle for attracting new players, new parents and new people to the sport. You can help do your part by remembering that through your conduct you represent everyone in Ultimate.
Honor the game.